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No more air entrapment. What does this statement mean?

In short, Vacuvent offers a smart orifice- the smart anti-shock orifice. This orifice determines the amount of air and velocity of the air expulsion autonomously, and adjusts accordingly.

This is important because the air valve will always open to a larger orifice to let air out, even under the pipeline working pressure.

The smart orifice also reduces water hammer by using the air inside the pipeline as an airbag. The Vacuvent range of valves uses what is considered to be a problem as a part of the solution.

All Vacuvent valves has three functions as standard:

1. Vacuum break

vacuum break function

Breaking Vacuum allows engineers to design lighter pipelines, thus creating more cost effective solutions. Funds can be directed to optimizing the pipeline instead of spending everything on material costs.

2. Bleed air

bleed air function

Small amounts of air will always be present in a pipeline, however, small amount of air can accumulate into large bubbles. These large bubbles can cause damage to pipeline systems and physical attributes. Vacuvent valves provides a solution in the form of the small orifice to effectively bleed off small amounts of air before they acumulate.

3. Anti-shock

The anti-shock orifice was introduced to vent large bubble of air, guaranteeing that your pipeline is free of air. The Vacuvent anti-shock nozzle opens even under pressure and will always release entrapped air.

 anti-shock function

The Vacuvent smart anti-shock nozzle is smart in that it switches between itself and the small orifice to throttle the expulsion of air thus reducing pipeline filling times and reducing water hammer.

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