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Air Release Valve Basics
“Air release valves – understanding the myth”
This document tries to set out the basic approach to how much air actually exists in pipelines and how to control that air during vacuum and pressurised release.It also challenges some of the long standing myth’s related to air in pipelines. By Mike Muller.

Vacuvent -where has all the air gone ?
We argue that a large part of the initial air can be lost to begin with, depending on the pipeline configuration, operating pressure or numbers of air valves. By Mike Muller.

Vacuvent – The theory of “Airvolution New!”
A quick step through the theory of air release valve evolution – a good reference to the changes that have taken place. By Mike Muller.

Overview of Air Valves
Background on air valve developments and the importance of the correct sizing and location of air valves. By Prof S J Van Vuuren.

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