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Theory of Airvolution


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Since man came into being, there has been an urge, a driving force for him to do things better. Man has the tendency to see constructs and say to himself- this is good, but I can do better, after all, we are obsessed with technology, our brainchild of which we are so proud.

The world around you is probably not as nature has made it, but rather it has been sculpted by man. We build and grow, creating need for… more; and so we create more, we build and expand but always into something new. Simply put, man does what he does best- he creates. Man creates and delights in that what he has accomplished.

One might argue that this tendency to make and create is part of man’s evolution, that creating systems that become more and more sophisticated is the act of evolution itself. This however does not stop at consumer goods as many might think, but applies, even more so, to industry, specifically to air valves here at Vacuvent.

Such is the theory of airvolution that Vacuvent always looks to the future and builds not only what is required, but also what will be required in the future.

Ideas tend to alter the perceptive requirements of any product. There was a time that the simple household fridge was not thought of as a necessity, but the idea of being able to store food for longer led to the product and the need for one. This is true with any product. Vacuvent airvavles offers the smart anti-shock orifice. This orifice regulates the velocity of air at expulsion from the pipeline to reduce water hammer, using the air inside the pipeline as an airbag- an idea that will safeguard any pipeline.

Join in on the discussion of airvolution, feel free to share ideas and possible requirements at airvolution@vacuventvalves.com and help take airvolution forward.
Please visit our technical section and explore some theories and problems.

Also have a look at this lecture on airvolution by Mike Muller:

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