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Toolbox Overview


We consciously set up our toolbox so that registration is not required and that It needs no downloadable file.
Feel free to use our data as you wish.
We understand the need for privacy but our reasons for registration are not to track the user, use that data for other means or to sell that data. We will never share names or data with anyone else.
Planned tools are a fully dedicated pipe simulator with output graphs, a full air valve sizing program and several engineering calculators that hydraulic engineers may find useful.
We are particularly interested if you have specific areas of past pipeline air valve installation problems we could use for our future pipeline model to be able to “measure“ those against a known actual configuration .
We are continuously trying to update our program and tune it towards the user – so your feedback will help us to make changes. Our Air valve testing continues and we are embarking on some significant tests which we hope will align with the software for pipeline design. Your feedback via registration will help us to let you know about what we are trying and what you the user thinks is important. The password you receive on registration will allow you to access some of our raw testing data when it becomes available.
Registration helps us and the user in a number of ways. Any feedback and requests are welcome for the Toolbox.
Vacuvent are always available to work with (and learn from) the designer on the air valve requirements, or if you have any other queries.
For particular queries regarding the engineering, function, or examples please contact us via the contact form on the website or email toolbox@vacuventvalves.com

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