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VA series valves


The VA-series range of valves has been optimized for us in clean water to provide the user with the most comprehensive and cost effective valve possible. These valves are robust and reliable.

Should you need a valve that needs to be used in a raw water or sewage application please follow the link here.

Before assembly starts all components are checked for dimensional accuracy and general workmanship. Each valve only receives the best that quality an offer.

Each and every Vacuvent valve undergoes a series of tests to ensure that the valve is completely functional. These tests check the strength of the materials and the functionality of the moving components.

These tests sequentially are:

The manual simulation air test

This test involves filling the air valve with pressurized air, and confirming that the smart anti-shock nozzle opens to atmosphere. The workshop fills with load booms of noise as this is done.

The low pressure test

To guarantee a valve that seals under any reasonable condition, a low pressure test is performed. The valve is placed under pressure at around 2m of head and left for 5 min. The valve must be drip tight at this pressure or else it is rejected.

The High pressure test

The fully assembled valves are tested to a pressure of 1.5x working pressure and checked for leakage on any of the mating faces. The valves are left for 5 min. and must be drip tight.

Low pressure confirmation test

After the high pressure test another check is done to confirm that no component was damaged due to possible material imperfections.

Try one of our VA-series valves and see for yourself. Download the catalogue below.

The Valve range goes from 1″ / 25mm to 10″ / 250mm and working pressures up to 40 Bar – Updated May 2015.

Outline drawings are provided in a single *.dxf.zip file

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